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"An orc has stolen the King's Pie. The King themself asked the adventurers to retrieve it." 

The Orc and the Pie is a tabletop roleplaying game based on Monte Cook's 2001 post "The world's shortest (yet technically complete) adventure: A parody" using a very simple and effective system to resolve conflicts and find out what happens. 

In this product you'll find:

- A two-page roleplaying game PDF file*, ready to play, no prep needed.
- A simple and effective system with examples of gameplay. 
- 5 illustrated characters classes ready to play.
- 1 imaginary Pie (with your favorite flavour and topping) 
*Printer-Friendly, English and Portuguese versions available

Thank you for saving (or not) the King's Pie!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

El Orco y el Pastel_ES.pdf 2 MB
El Orco y el Pastel_ES_Printer-Friendly.pdf 2 MB
L'Orque et la Tarte_FR.pdf 1 MB
L'Orque et la Tarte_FR_Printer-Friendly.pdf 2 MB
O Orc e a Tarte_PT.pdf 1 MB
O Orc e a Tarte_PT_Printer-Friendly.pdf 2 MB
The Orc and the Pie_EN.pdf 1 MB
The Orc and the Pie_EN_Printer-Friendly.pdf 2 MB

Development log


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Hello, dear Marè Baixa... i have tried your little rpg and i like it :D i have done also a little review (in Italian)... you can find the article there: https://www.houseofgames.it/giochi-a-tavola-20-the-orc-and-the-pie-apple-pie-coo...

Althought, i want to ask you if i trnslate this game in my native language (Italian)... Could i do that? Thanks for your answer and have a nice day!

Super light rules, fast start, perfect game to initiate a newcomer to RPGs!

Thank you so much for the kind words La Rôlisterie. The game itself was really designed to initiate newcomers without the heavy-lifting rules from other traditional games. Hope you had a blast with it!

One of the best "scenario/premise rpg" I've seen, better than Lady Blackbird (yes I said it!)

I can see this as a quality insert scenario/side quest to any fantasy/gonzo game. It also has a potential to be a seed of a grander tale! 

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John, thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. That compliment is beyond anything we could imagine to read. I hope you have GREAT FUN with this game and any other of our humble collection. Hugs from Portugal 


Amazing job. An example of a game with the essential info and well put up design. Tasty as pie. 


Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy the Pie as much as that orc does ! <3 

Feel free to share some photos & feedback !


I won a physical copy of this cute one-pager for free at Rolisboa 2019 but I still wanted to leave a small tip for it here. This game is totally awesome and I'm super glad you decided to upload it for public download so that other people can appreciate how amazing it is. :)


Dear Minakie, thank you for supporting this game even after winning the exclusive physical Portuguese version over at Rolisboa 2019. You'll be receiving an email really soon with a special digital thank you art <3


Hi Jkantor,

Thank you for supporting the Orc and the Pie. Unfortunately sometimes typos happen since we're not native english speakers/writters. But we do our best to improve and correct them. Take a look at the development log - https://mare-baixa.itch.io/the-orc-and-the-pie/devlog/108908/typos-corrected - where we mention that we corrected the typos a couple of minutes after the launch of the game. If you find more of them please tell us!  

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This looks totally awesome. If you ever want to do a french version, I'd be right here to help translate it – text and/or layout.


Hi Nicolas, thank you so much for your kind words. 
We would love to have The Orc and the Pie translated to French. Could you send the text to our email? mare.baixa@pm.me and we'll insert it in the current layout of the game <3 


Hi again! I mailed you my french version last week, did you get any chance to check it?


Hi again Nicolas.

Sorry we didn't say anything. André is the one who sees the emails, but since he was on holidays, we kinda miss it out. Thank you for telling us you send it. And even more for doing the translation =D it looks great! you did a great job, man.

As soon as possible we'll do the upload. The front page is fontless - the letters are hand-drawn and we'll do the same for the french version. It deserves it!

Again: thank you!

Nice, can't wait to see and play with your final french version!


Hi Maré ! Your game is sooo awesome :D

Also I can't wait to see this french translation.

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Hello all. Still can't see the French version on this page. When can we expect it to be available?

Many thanks ;o)


Hi Bruno,
This last few weeks have been very busy due to holidays and we are also working on a spanish version and soon release BOTH versions of the game in the same day. 
We might have it finished in the next week or so. 

Thank you so much for your patience and helping us out with the awesome french version of the game <3 

Also, happy new year !


I'm a volunteer for reviewing it. This game is an insta-wannaplay