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The Book of Life & Death, volume 2

Congratulations, you are the holder of the Book of Life & Death, vol 2. What is this book? Let’s play to find out.


What it this?

Well, there’s actually more than one answer to this question, because it really depends on how you look at this and how you want to use it, so here it goes:

  • If you looking for something to spice up healing in your Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game, then this is a supplement. Use the new descriptions of the spells instead of the official ones in the player’s handbook. Make sure to share this with everyone at your table (specially your DM if your not) so everyone can be on the same page about it. Ignore “The Book of Life & Death, volume 2” chapter, or maybe not, read it and you might find out that you want to play a game within a game.
  • If you are, somehow, looking for a game to play inside your game of D&D 5E. Then your gold. Read this entire document. You’ll be playing a secret game, a game within a game, with your own creative agenda. You will be having a lot of fun as you play to find out. Just make sure that the other players don’t be upset by the style of playing you are up to. If there’s a problem, talk to each other and solve problems with communication. 
  • If you are looking for a standalone game. This might not be the best option, but you can use this document as a solo roleplaying game, maybe. You will probably need to tailor some stuff to make it work.


Why I have made this? First because Natalie’s (Big Stuffed Cat) game jam “Cure Light Wounds Jam” triggered me something that has been on hold for some time. What? To make D&D 5E healing more interesting, to make use of the background bullshit that D&D 5E has but does not actually works with. Second, because I am inspired by the tools that can be found on “Story Now” games such as Apocalypse World, my favorite roleplaying game. Third because I was writting about unicorns and then I see Jay Dragon's tweet about his awesome Cure Light Wounds Jam game "four spells" and that was the push I needed to make this. Please visit their itch.io page at https://jdragsky.itch.io.  Lastly, to have fun. How? By playing to find out. 


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Worth every penny! It´s a piece of art! =) Please keep all Portugal RPG designers inspired by what you are doing!