Dungeon Heart v1.5 is now out!

Hi everyone. 
So what's up with Dungeon Heart v1.5? 
Three simple updates:

1) It has been edited by João Mariano @jrnmariano which is proficient at English. He's the best. Give him a hug please.
2) Somehow I left a trap out of the game text. Poor trap. Now it's back to its friends. Do traps have friends? Oh well I'm rambling...
3) The starting location of the dungeon heart, displayed at the dungeon map section, has changed (for the better!) giving players more space to work with.

What do you think about the updates? Do you like them or not?

Thank you for downloading Dungeon Heart and supporting us with your love and care.

Hugs <3
André Tavares


Dungeon Heart by Maré Baixa 1 MB
May 12, 2019

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