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Wow ! I love it !
I will test it soon and give some feedback :)
Also a question on the rules: when adventurers enter a room, does each player roll its own threats dice and check if special effects apply, or are all dice rolled at once and all threats effects apply to all dice ? The 2nd option seems a bit less likely but the fact that special effects are bound to different dice results seems to suggest this to me...

Hi dr_max_kurt!
Sorry for taking so long to answer you, we were at a convention (Iberanime LX 2019) playing our games with hundreds of people! 
Regarding your question, you can play in whatever form you find best for your group. We are currently playing like this: each player gathers their dice, then everyone rolls the dice and each player checks their threats effects. 

We are eager to receive your feedback!
Thank you <3


Playtest is scheduled for beginning of next week !

In the meantime I'm working on a one-page extension, and I made a translation in French : Heart B&W v1.6 fr.pdf
Is it ok for you if I share this PDF on my website ? I also would love to suggest it on, a French website that collects single-page RPGs. I think thay would love it !

Also I'm planning to use this to generate some adventurers:

That is a great tool! But do not forget that players making up the adventurers and how they look like (We have played a game where the heart was a banana and the adventurers where monkeys, LOL) is key to the narrative aspect of the game <3 ! 

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I totally agree. Plus the playtest we did this evening prooved it provided too much info than needed for the game.
More on this in my incoming blog review ;)


We are speachless. 
Let's talk about that privately. Can you email us at  
Thank you so much Lucas,  let's do some great things together <3 

Ok I will ;)

Awesome game really !
Here is the detailed feedback blog post :


this looks really great!  but I was wondering if you were planning to make a printer friendly version at some point? 


That's a very good question! =)


Hi Alien_sunset.

Thank you for asking that! A printer friendly version will be published right this week! We even wrote it at the description so to make ourselfs work on a new lineart for the cover.

Once it's published we'll make a devlog update <3


awesome sauce!  thank you so much! :D
I can't wait to print this out and bring it to my next gaming group!


Alien_sunset we just released the B&W version. Once you play it with you next gaming group please gives us some feedback <3 

Have a nice "adventurers defeating" time!

A real cool concept that reminds me of the fun I had while playing the Dungeon Keeper videogames back in the day with a really cool twist on the traditional Dungeon Mastering dynamic.

The thematic correspondence of the Keepers' roles with parts of the body that the Dungeon Heart gives life to is really great as well as the streamlined dice mechanics.

I hope to try it out and see how an enterprising and sadistic Keeper I can be. ;)


Hopefully a great sadistic keeper you will be and a legend you will become. Thank you for your words.